Mid-June and they are still going!

As I said in a previous post I have three pomegranate trees in the backyard. Below is one of them. This tree actually may turn into two trees depending on what we can get the second trunk to do. The gentleman that sold us the tree about a year ago said we could just tear it off but I just couldn’t do that! So here it is now.. Three blossoms and it is growing so fast especially as it gets warmer. CORN! As I was watering my plants yesterday morning I noticed that one of my cornstalks was blooming some kind of flower. It wasn’t until I took a closer look that I recognized it as an the top of a corn cob. (Is that the correct terminology?)

This the beginning of a pumpkin. All the female flowers have a “ball” that they grow out of and if pollinated it turns into a pumpkin! I am showing this because I have had a couple people ask what starting pumpkins look like…

As you can see this is the growth of that little golf ball sized pumpkin…


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