Murder the Kitchen

So the pumpkins have been picked. As of this morning, all nine are inside, even if they are no longer in the same “form.” After giving away at least five pumpkins I decided to keep these and make something with them. I decided pumpkin puree for the fall/winter was a fantastic idea.

Here is the before shot of the pumpkins. Aren’t they pretty?!

The mutilation has begun. First I cut each pumpkin in half and scooped out all the seeds. I then sliced each half into fourths and placed them into a 9 x 13 pan with about an inch of water and baked at 400 until they meat was soft. I should have taken a picture but I completely forgot.

After baking, I scooped all the meat out and placed it directly into the food processor and just let it go until all the lumps were gone and it was a smooth consistency.

The great things about pumpkins is that nothing needs to go to waste. The seeds can be cleaned off (just pick off the leftover pumpkin) and baked on a cookie sheet with a variety of spices. Try garlic and salt…. I however did not go this route. My kitchen was extremely hot after baking three pumpkins so my seeds went directly to compost.

Below is the finished product. I was scooping it out in 2 cup increments and freezing. Hope they come out tasty!


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