MOPS Calendars

I am a member of a local chapter of MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers). In this group I am actually a part of the leadership team and have been for the last three years. This year I stepped out of my comfort zone and became co-coordinator in the Hospitality sector, meaning a whole lot of creative activity. This year, we were having difficulty deciding on centerpieces for our tables to match this years theme, Life on Planet Mom. After some time we decided on Magnetic Calendars. Not exactly planetary but really cute.
These calendars, although very cute, are A LOT of work. I will walk you through the pictures and explain some of the medium.

The pink letters and the blue background are scrapbook paper picked up at a local scrapbook store. The letters were individually cut out with a Cricket machine and then glued onto the blue. The background paper is actually glued to a piece of a board game cut to fit our measurements…. Can’t tell can you?

This is an almost finished product of the calendar. The days and the months were all individually wrapped and magnets still need to be glued on the back. The white that you see them contrasting on is actually a spray painted baking sheet with two different papers (cut to fit) that stand out but also complement the overall structure.

A closer shot….

The purple another one of our creations. I am just showing some of the other colors. The months and days are all on magnets so that way they can be positioned any way you may like and all 31 days are not needed for every month so they can be removed.

They are turning out pretty good.


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