Winter Garden

September is upon us and it is time to begin planting fall/winter plants. The selection that we chose for our garden includes; cucumber, broccoli, bell peppers, and the herbs parsley and basil. This time I was much more organized and modest about the placing and planting of seeds. The cumbers have been planted behind the onions near the edge of the box in order to allow for a trellis if needed. The middle is the broccoli and the far left behind the Lima bean plant are the bell peppers. At the far right corner is basil. The basil I will be watching closely so that I can keep it under control, as much as I can.

The images of the seeds that were planted.

The garden as it look today. The onions and lima bean are going strong. The vine that is crawling up the side of my shade structure is the blackberry plant. I really was worried that the heat was going to kill it but that little thing has grown so much!


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