Waste Not Want Not

Whenever I have an empty jar, either plastic or glass, I despise throwing it away.  I then go through three stages…

1. Oh just throw it away.
2. No, I can use it for something with the kids 
3. Just put it here on the counter for WEEKS to decided (I typically end up throwing it away)

Well, not today!  I have ended my streak and have decided that I will do something with my jars either in a creative manner or in a bag in the garage to take to my local recycling center. 
This afternoon I had a spaghetti jar cleaned and ready to go.  What did I do with that jar you ask, I made a place for my extra buttons.  An amazing idea, I know!  However, allow me to take a moment and explain the reasoning for buttons.  Part of my “growth” in becoming more homegrown is to learn how to sew and I have a type of sewing tin that has an odd assortment of items.  I am now separating that tin in order to gain some control for the day when I actually get a sewing machine…. 
Anyways, here is the end product.  It’s not too much but it’s my first jar

Scrapbook paper, decoupage, and some puffy paint


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