XBOX 360

I’m a gamer.  I admit it and I am rather proud of the fact.  Now, please don’t think we are the kind of family that sits around playing uber violent games.  Nope, we keep pretty busy and active with the kiddos during the day and after 8 my husband and I load up the games.  Just so you know… = )
Last month while our 360 was at Microsoft being repaired for the three rings of death, my 2 year old got his hands on my cute faceplate and destroyed it.  Well, being the person that I am, I got out one of our plain ones and painted it.  Touch ups still need to be done but I rather like the outcome.

Gamertag – grlnXtdoor    Find me on live and tell me you found me on the blog and I will accept you as a friend!


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