Halloween Snow Globe thing??

Okay, I don’t know exactly what you would call this… There isn’t any snow but it is reminiscent of the snow globe concept.  Anyways, let’s continue …
The boys and I are decorating our home for Fall/Halloween.  In all actuality, it is more fall than Halloween. (We are not huge fans of Halloween)  As I was browsing the internet one evening I ran across this idea, making your own “snow globe”. 
The ingredients you will need:
Holiday accessories (here we have plastic spiders, bats, flys etc)
Light Karo Syrup (We used a pint)
Glue – the website I read recommend a silicone caulking glue- I used regular hot glue because that is all we had on hand
Glass Jar – I used a pint mason jar
Marbles or glass beads for the bottom of the jar
Confetti for some festivity
Glue a centerpiece to the underside of the cap and the marbles if you have them.  (I glued a plastic bat.)  Next add the floaters in the jar, followed by the syrup.  Once you have filled the jar, carefully add the cap.  *Please note: If your centerpiece is bulky or large you will need to take that in mind when filling the jar with syrup.*
Seal the cap on the jar with the glue.  Again I used hot glue for everything except my ribbon.  Next time I will probably go with the caulking solution…
When you are finished you have a homemade shaker!  Accessorize as you see fit.  As you can see I added a ribbon to the cap and later I put a spider on the top.
Now this is our first attempt.  I can’t wait to make more a little more detailed.

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