Fall Bunco – Don't deny it – You love it too!

Ever play Bunco?  Well, if not, you should. Period. End of Discussion. 

This is seriously a great and FUN game. It is also not a game to be ashamed to announce, in public, that you play.  For example, for all of you that actually read Twilight and loved it but will deny it.  And that you secretly can’t wait for the second movie to come out… Not that I know ANYTHING about that… NOTHING. *AHEM* Cough* – as I was saying.
I hosted thirteen wonderful women and had a blast.  One great thing about Bunco is it is a game that gives out prizes!  What did I do for prizes?!  I made them of course!  I made jarred Homemade Hot Chocolate and Spiced Tea.  I also decorated a mason jar and filled it with fresh baked cookies.  It was a lot cheaper than buying cheap prizes and everyone really enjoyed them!  Now I forgot to take pictures of the goodies but I did remember to take a couple of fun shots…

Now the candy corn in this next picture is in a Quart mason jar. I did two small opening games at the beginning of the night to get things going.  There were 440 candy corns and whomever guessed the closest to that amount went home with the jar.
I would like to take credit for these little goodies but I won’t.  My good friend made them for each person to snack on… isn’t she nice!
Here is the link for the jar recipes – Homemade jar crafts

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