Fast craft – courtesy of MOPS

I mentioned in a previous post that I am a member of a local chapter of MOPS.  (Mothers of Preschoolers)  If you are not familiar with MOPS, it is an organization that is made for mothers to give support, encouragement, guidance, and fun to moms that are in those trying preschool years, and today our group had a fantastic craft to work on. It is quick, easy, and really cute.

Behind each of the animals are clothes pins. Attach a magnet to the back of the stake and you have are really cute fridge paper holder thing.  (That is the technical name – Just in case you were wondering) 
So in order to do this craft the supplies you need are:
Clothes Pins
Small wooden stakes
Craft paint
Super Glue
Decorative pieces for the clothes pins.  I used premade pieces from Michaels.
Paint the stake and glue the pieces on.  Decorate as desired.  I choose not to go the magnet route and I am going to hang them in our play room to display the boys’ art work.


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