Oops – I told you I was learning…

Here are some things I have learned in the past weeks.

1.  The can telephone is not that great.  I made one with the boys the other day and it wasn’t everything I had imagined. And yes I had some pretty grandiose ideas.

2. The chalkboard door.  I love it and will keep it.  However, I have to redo it. I need to go back and sand off the chalkboard paint and the original gloss paint of the door.  After sanding off both paints I will primer it and reapply the chalkboard paint.  The reasoning behind not sanding it down originally is twofold.  The first, the canister of paint didn’t say it was required and the second, I was really lazy.

3. I really need to organize my projects and my supplies.  My supply/linen closet is a mess!  The bottom two shelves are packed with all my supplies and the top three have all our sheets and blankets.  UGH… any suggestions?


One response to “Oops – I told you I was learning…

  • Shaunells Hair

    I was looking for those photography tips–but i get the unorganized overly stuffed closets. I like bins/baskets on my closet shelves personally. THey look nifty when I open the door, but they accomodate my tossing things in when I'm in a hurry. šŸ™‚ Happy day to you!

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