It is so green!

As many of you know my backyard is one of my favorite things.  I love everything about it.  I love that we ditched the professional landscaping route and are piecing it together bit by bit and are remaining extremely organic along the way.  Here are two updates of the backyard

I am building a play area for my boys with old tires.  I did some research on the usage of used tires and found that they would be suitable for our backyard and it will be an excellent opportunity to teach my boys more about recycling.  Here is what I have so far….

Now this is the first stage of construction. I have four more tires that I will be adding and then the painting process will begin.  We must first white wash paint (is that the correct term?) the tires so that during the extreme heat they will not burn off valuable parts of the body.  After the first layer of paint is applied the boys will be painting their tires any way they want and I believe we will be inviting so friends to help.  Once the painting is complete fill dirt will be poured into the tires to make them stable.  I am pretty pumped about getting this finished.

On the other side of the yard is our garden!  The fall crops are moving along swimmingly, except our poor cumcumber..

Do you see that enormous bush on the right side (your right)?  That is a lima bean plant.  My oldest son had a lima bean and begged to plant it in the garden.  Well that sucker took off.  Let’s see if he actually will eat it!

Now who said you couldn’t have a garden in Arizona!



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