BLACK FRIDAY – Did I participate? You bet your great bargain I did…

First let me say, the Thanksgiving holiday did NOT go un-noticed in our home.  It was quiet.  We were all very tired and a little sick so we made a nice dinner for four, watched a movie, and called it a night.  We still believe that we have so much to be Thankful for and not a day goes by that we don’t acknowledge that fact…..

ALRIGHT- I was there. I was one of those people in line at Target at 3am!!! I admit it and I am proud.  I will also confess that my wonderful husband was at Old Navy at 11:30pm waiting for the store to open at 3am in order to get a free copy of Lego Rockband for the 360.

I actually like Black Friday.  If you choose the right store then the wait in line won’t be that bad and the people won’t be ready to throw you under a buss to get the latest and greatest gadget.  The adrenline rush and the knowledge that I will be home before 9am always makes it fun for me.

So here was our game plane:
Husband: started at 11:30 at old navy
Me, the kiddos, and our good friend Aunt A. (yes I brought my boys and they had a blast):  in line at Target at 3am

Hubby met us at Target and we all waited together

5:00-5:30 – Target
5:45 -6:30 – Walmart  (NEVER AGAIN – At Walmart the people are ready to Kill Bill you for anything)

The youngest boy, myself, and Aunt A. all went home.  Daddy and the oldest boy then hit Game Crazy for a copy of Borderlands and the Joanns for a sewing machine for me.

Everyone was back at home by 10:30am.

That was a productive day.


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