No judgement allowed!

Do you love Star Wars?  Have you seen every episode, even the really bad ones?  Do you think Han Solo is kinda hot?  What.. wait.. It is just me?! 
Maybe my love of Star Wars stems from the fact that I have two boys and a husband that love everything about those movies. They even like Episode 1! (That is the Pod racing movie when Darth Vader was still a little kid) We watch them ALL the time.  My little boys are always pretending to have light sabers.  We all quote lines from the movies and even have put one on our cell phone so it pops up every time we turn the phone on.
Fanboys isn’t a spoof on Star Wars.  It is a comedy about a group of geeky college kids that make it their mission to “break into the Lucas camp” and watch a pre-release of Episode 1.  The entire movie follows them on their way and I have to tell you, I was laughing the entire time!  I don’t typically like movies of this nature (college frat boy humor) but there is something about this one that made me laugh.
If you watch it and hate, I am really sorry and please don’t judge my personality on this one movie! It is a guilty pleasure!

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