BING! And I don’t mean Chandler

I got my first market research job this week and what did I get to review, Bing.  Bing is Microsoft’s new search engine that they are trying to promote.  Let me tell you, they have some hot ideas!  I am not going to go into specific details, I am not sure they would appreciate it, but from what I saw, other search engines have some work cut out for themselves.
One little sneak peek I will throw out there is their organization of the all blue links that appear when you are searching for a specific item.  It will be possible to find the information you are looking for within seconds but it will be concise, organized, and you will never have to leave the world of Bing!  So what does that mean in my little world, no more annoying pop up windows cluttering my desktop!
Keep a look out for the new world of Bing.  Trust me, it will be worth it.

Bing it

P.S.  Play with the picture that is displayed.  There are random facts hidden throughout and if you click on the picture it will take you the website.  My husband and I found our next vacation spot through that feature!


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