No hilarity here – Exhausted is the name of the game!

Before I start this evening I just want you all to know that I am exhausted.  So if there are more typos and grammatical errors than usual, I have an excuse.   *Ahem!* Let us begin.

This year I decided to go “Homegrown” (shameless plug for myself) for the majority of my gifts.  Why give in to national consumerism and greed when I can save that 4.99 on an ugly potholder for Grandma and make her some ugly potholders myself?! Smart right! 
So, you can take that 1-800-flowers. I will not be spending $15 dollars (not including delivery fee) on that tin of cookies in the shape of Santas head.  Bed, Bath, and Beyond, you may as well close your doors to this gravy train because I am making that snowglobe.  And Pottery Barn, oh Pottery Barn, we have had such a great relationship but I really think it is time to see other people.  I haven’t been returning your calls or reading your emails, I have moved on and I am seeing someone new, his name is Michaels.

Here are the some of the projects that I have been working on this month…  Keep in mind, I took these pictures this evening and as I mention earlier, I am exhausted. 

Homemade snowglobes with the kiddos!  These did not turn out as great as I wanted. I asked my husband to help me with my new Silicone Caulking tube and long story short he squished the back end of into the tub itself and there was silicone junk EVERYWHERE.  Due to that problem I had to use hot glue on the ornament balls.   The kids still like it.

Homemade potholders!  I had some awesome two toned spiral potholders on Monday but I had to give them away already!  I should have taken a picture of all of them last week.  Procrastination strikes again!
I actually really love this. I took the matting out of the frame and let the boys paint it.  I also put their fingerprints on the side as type of signature.  I am going to print out two pictures for the designated spots and send it off to Great Grandpa.
Dolled up clipboards for the folks in my life that are extremely busy but could use some decoration in their day to day lives… These were so so so much fun to make.
Alright, there you have it.  They are not as amazing as most but I like the results!  They were extremely affordable and wonderfully personal.
P.S. Check out the giveaway a couple of posts down…There is still a little time if you are interested.

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