Sandwich – mmm the perfect meal

Hello, my name is Morgan, and I am a sandwich addict.  (say it all together now) “Hello Morgan.” 

I do, I love sandwiches.  I can’t honestly think of one in which I was disappointed.  I love every aspect about them.  I won’t go into the all the gory details but I must say one of the best things about them is the ability to make a well rounded meal.  Some of the sandwiches that I have created present all the major food groups.  My husband thinks I am psychotic in my sandwich making.  He sometimes leaves the kitchen because he can’t handle the combination.  Seriously. It is a sickness. 

I believe my addiction stems from my childhood and the movie DAVE.  He makes a sandwich for Signorey Weaver and his bodyguard that he describes as special.  What is so special about it Dave?!  Tell me!!    The obsession was strengthen by The Breakfast Club and Ally Sheedys’ bizarre combination of butter, Pixie Stixs and Captain Crunch.  Finally, Spanglish.  Honestly how can one sandwich look so GOOD.

Would you look at that piece of heaven in his hand?! mmm…. So with this obsession in mind, imagine my suprise when I found that one of my followers has a blog devoted to the art of the sandwich!
Sandwich 365 – I love you!  Not in a weird restraining order kind of way but I love that you made a blog for a weirdo like me.

14 responses to “Sandwich – mmm the perfect meal

  • Christy

    right with ya morgan…i even think the name is fetching!i'm gonna have a look around your siteMerry Christmas

  • Midday Escapades

    Hello Morgan! You've taken the first step by admitting it. Visiting from SITS. Happy Wednesday and Merry Christmas!

  • JDaniel4's Mom

    I love sandwiches too. I think the texture of th bread mixed with great fillings is wonderful.

  • Working Mommy

    I must say – I, too, am a sandwich FANatic!!~WM

  • Phunkyrockgal

    I've never been a big sandwich fan but am starting to like them more and more šŸ™‚ I used to love making chip sandwiches when I was younger, though.Coming over from SITS

  • Angelia (Texas)

    That's awesome! I made a grilled cheese sandwich last night. I've also seen the Sandwich 365's site. Way cool! Ya'll are a match made in heaven. šŸ™‚

  • Sam

    Howdy Morgan. I'm so happy and flattered that you mentioned Sandwich 365 here. Only very special people love the sandwich as I do. One of these days come back to the site and answer the trivia questions if you can. There's even one up there about the Adam Sandler concoction in Spanglish. You've given me a new one too (this is thrilling) with the Breakfast Club mention. I haven't seen that movie in years and don't recall Alley Sheedy's creation. WOW. You made my week! Bless you and yours this Holiday season. Spreading Cheer and Mayo, Keri (aka Sam) at !!!!!!

  • Sam

    Oh Wow, I just noticed you're flying my flag! I think I love you, woman. What an awesome compliment. Thank you. Keri

  • Danielle

    Stopping by from SITS. and I am totally with you. I have never had a sandwich in which I've been disappointed. I am off to check out Sandwich 365 for sure!!

  • Sarah and the Gentlemen

    Too funny! I get in sandwich moods. When I was pregnant with one of my boys I was asking for a sub nearly everyday for awhile. My husband LOVES bread so he can make a sandwich out of anything and everything it seems.

  • Lauren

    Oh my goodness, that is practically my favorite part of 'Spanglish' when he makes that sandwich. I just want to maul the television and ravish that thing. Okay, that's exaggerating (slightly), but you, of all people, should get my drift. Lol. Because that is one tasty lookin' sandwich he makes in that movie.Visiting from SITS,Lauren


    Thanks for sharing the link.popped over and what did I see but my most favorite kind of sandwich,BACON!yummyStopping by from SITShappy new year

  • Coffee Lovers

    I love sandwiches too! they are soooo good! Who wouldn't love them? There is just one requirement for my sandwiches… They must always always always have cheese and tomato! šŸ™‚ Your blog is really nice, I found it through SITS and I've become a follower, I am a Coffee Lover and my blog is about food and coffee… But most importantly I am a Christ follower just like you! looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  • Jenn Erickson

    I entirely agree ~ sandwiches are wonderful! Definitely in my top 5 foods. Plus, you can put any of my other top 5 foods into a sandwich, so sandwiches really do trump all! This is the second time I've heard of Sandwich 365, so I'm going to have to go check it out. Thank you!

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