A list of things I have learned and accepted

I took a little break from the blogging world this last week.  Even though I posted a week ago tomorrow I feel as if I have been gone for a month.  Odd how this addiction has grown…

As 2010 approaches I was mulling over what I have learned and/or accepted in 2009. I feel the need to share these discoveries and lessons:

Things I have learned and Things that I have accepted about myself – 2009
1. I have become dependent on Christ
2. The power of prayer is stronger than anyone can imagine
3. Faith
4. Blogging is fun and addictive
5. I am almost a Jedi master in the art of budgeting a grocery list
6. Even if it is a million degrees outside, Squash bugs will eat your plants
7. My husband does NOT like hot glue
8. Never take apart a table and leave the screws on the ground- I have found most of them
9. The older my children get the harder they play.  The harder they play the more their laundry STINKS
10. I don’t like the part in church in which the pastor tells you to turn around and say hello to someone new…. I don’t know where their hands have been!  They may love Christ but where were their hands last?  Honestly, think about it.
11.Trying to expand my children’s taste in food is about as much fun as eight hour traffic school. (I have done both)
12. Katherine Heigl, outside of Greys Anatomy, is way overrated. 
13. When repainting your chalkboard door, always do it in an area that has plenty of space, not the hallway!  Otherwise there will be three giant spots on the carpet and an accidental knee in the top of the paint can and then the floor, causing spot number 4. My husband still thinks it is just dirt from the kids….
14. I love coffee with a passion.  I would drink it all day if I could.  Imagine my breath.. mmm… ya, no.
15. I am really a 75 year old woman in a 28 year old body. A great night for me is sitting in front of an old movie and crocheting. OLD OLD OLD OLD.  P.S. – some of my old lady creations are on Etsy- another shameless plug for myself
16. Market research rocks
17. I like the Jackson 5.  You do too, don’t lie to yourself
18. Facebook – enough said
19. Reading scripture daily improves my overall mood for the day
20. Christmas, celebrated without Santa and focused on Christ, rocked more than any other Christmas of the past.
Do you guys have any lessons learned, tips, etc from 2009?  Leave a comment. Let’s all jump in.

9 responses to “A list of things I have learned and accepted

  • Working Mommy

    I almost don't want to ask why your husband is so afraid of hot glue – but my morbid curiosity is making me ask…why?!~WM

  • Lauren

    Let's see…from your list I:Need to work on 1.Agree with 2.Have 3.Agree with 4 (as proven today when I nearly made myself late for work after succumbing to the pull of the blogging world).Need to seriously work on 5.Don't know much about 6 – not much of a gardener.Think 7 is kinda funny – though I can't relate; I don't have a husband, and I rarely mess with hot glue. :)Agree with 8 – that would hurt my feet.Can understand and empathize with 9 as my cousins like to get dirty and stinky when they play, too.So, agree with 10 – more so because it's just an awkward thing for me than I'm afraid of germs – but good point, will have to consider next time.Can't really say anything about 11 – I'm a picky eater, too.Agree with 12 – have you seen Romy and Michelle 2? Honestly?Laughing at 13!Not a big fan 0f 14 – still experimenting with what kind of coffee I can drink without gagging.Sometimes I think the same as 15, too.Don't know much about 16 – is that your job?Have to admit to 17 – I like them, too.I hear ya on 18.I should probably try out 19 – that might make my days improve so much.Really wish my Christmas could've been like 20 – maybe next year…

  • JDaniel4's Mom

    I need to work on 5. I never thought about 10. Maybe it is a good thing we don't do hand shaking at my church.Stopping by from SITS!

  • Phunkyrockgal

    You sound like fun! Stopping in from SITS

  • Nicolasa

    Great list! It is funny reading some of those things! :-)Happy New Year!Stopping by from SITS!

  • Confessions From A Working Mom

    Great post! I also took a blogging vacation this week (just back today!) and I am with you, it is ADDICTIVE and I felt like I was gone forever!I could have said so many of your "lessons learned". I think the one that resonates most with me is #15. I have always had an "old soul", and am finally learning to embrace rather than fight it!~Elizabethhttp://confessionsfromaworkingmom.blogspot.com

  • Forever Friends -

    Morgan, Happy 2010! Let it be a great year for you. I enjoyed reading your blog.Bet-Forever Friends

  • Holly

    Happy New Year! Your list is really entertaining (I am an old lady too!). What have a I learned this year…I must think about it some more…but mainly, I though Facebook was addictive, and then I met Blogger and left Facebook for Blogger. I complain I don't have enough time to do everything, but I probably really do…if I didn't spend hours a day on Blogger! But I love blogging…I used to think it was stupid…see what I knew. There are amazing people out there in blogland!

  • Tanya

    Morgan…it's strange that I get to know you better through Facebook and your blog, than I ever did in MOPs or at Sun Valley. You have been gifted with Elegance and a Funny, Sweet, Christ Filled Heart! I enjoy reading your blog, reading about your crafts, looking at your work on Etsy (waiting anxiously to buy something that I NEED and not just WANT) and listening to you open your heart up online. I regret not having more time in AZ for our friendship to blossom face to face! Blessings to you Sister.

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