New Years Eve Par-ty? Ya, Not so much

When I was younger I always expected so much from New Years Eve.  I had many friends that would come staggering in the next day with amazing stories and I never had any.  I always went out and had a good time but I had a stopping point and I really enjoyed getting some sleep.  So when my husband and I got married I was pleasantly suprised to find that he didn’t really care for the “holiday” either.  He perferred to stay in and watch a movie and avoid all the amateur drunks!  I must add that at the time, we lived in Las Vegas, NV, so we were around drunks a lot but on New Years Eve they became mobile, louder, and more stupid.  Now, throughout all these years, we have remained faithful to our tradition and last night was no different.  My husband hit the hay early due to an early work day, the boys were in bed on time and I worked on some of my projects!   

Here are my New Years Pot Holders!

Excitement huh?!
This morning I actually tired to explain New Years day to my two boys.  The conversation was short. They didn’t get it and I wasn’t in my Martha mood to celebrate the new year.  Oh well.. We did do a craft this evening.
I found it on Mod Podge Rocks –
They are luminaries made with glass jars, tissue paper, and mod podge.  I don’t own a cricut so we improvised and used Walle and Star Wars stickers… They loved it and I can call it our “New Years craft.”  Not that it has anything to do with the New Year.  Eh, Who cares?!  They were fun and they kept me from having to watch BOLT again.

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