A little tip from me to you

There is a point when a person can become too frugal.  I hit that point this week. 

A couple of months ago I went to see my oral surgeon to discuss the extraction of my last two wisdom teeth.  They had really started to bother me and it was time to get something done about it… At least that was what I was thinking at the time.   After the consult they informed me the procedure would cost about 400 dollars. (I am rounding up) I looked around and found the financing through Care Credit and was all ready to go in for the surgery.  Well my teeth started to feel a little better and I decided to put it off, and off, and off some more. Until two days ago.

In the middle of Monday afternoon my wisdom teeth starting throbing.  I am talking huge amounts of pain.  I took some medicine and nothing worked. I went to Wal-mart at 11:30pm (that is also the time the really crazy people go shopping at wal-mart) and got two bottles of orajel (is that the correct spelling) in order to numb my tooth.  I made it through the night and called my Oral Surgeon the next morning.   I scheduled my appointment for Thursday at 10:30am.

Well today things got worse. The medication to kill the pain was no longer killing the pain and instead it was upsetting my stomach.  So imagine a severe toothache and a horrible stomach ache and multiple it by ten, that was me.   My husband stepped in and called the surgeon and got me an emergency appointment.   Now I am typing in relief but I can’t believe I let it get that far!

I didn’t want to pay the 400 dollars until after we got our tax return! I was going to try to hold out until February!!! CRAZY right here ladies and gentlemen. 

So my tip for you is don’t wait until you are on the brink, just get it done.


4 responses to “A little tip from me to you

  • Mary K Brennan

    Like you, I've learned the hard way that waiting until I have money is really not the best of ideas…especially when it has to do with your health.Take Care.

  • Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork

    Ugh…dental work. @_@I barely escaped getting a root canal because I put off the dentist too long.

  • Danielle

    Happy Sitsharefest!!!I have used Carecredit in many a dental 'situation' and I'm a huge fan (now) of take care of it before it gets worse… I only learned this due to the dental bills of NOT taking care of things.ps this year was the first (in three so not many but I've paid my own way dentally for the past three so they're significant).. time I didnt need a root canal or filling when I went to the dentist. I thank the purple listerine (actually my hygenist did).. which apparently keeps infections and abcesses at bay. Plus its purple!Danielle

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