I miss my pretty bed

Do remember this….

You have had a really long day and you are exhausted.  You come in from work, put your stuff down on the kitchen table and grab a quick bite out of the fridge followed by a long sigh.  After you have had enough food to just sustain yourself until morning you shuffle off to bed with a good book or good movie.  Change into your PJS and slip under your clean, soft, great smelling sheets…. AHH Relief is almost instantaneous…

Flash Forward to present

You come in from work/late playdate/running errands and you are exhausted.  The bed is calling your name but you have two little people (that you affectionately call your children) begging for dinner and a movie.  You open the fridge hoping to find something quick and healthy to cook because every time you think about making your kiddos Chicken Nuggets again the words “Obesity Epidemic” flash across your mind.   After you get a semi decent meal into the little tummies and then off to bed, you grab that good book/good movie and head to your bed. 
BUT WAIT- This bed is not what you were dreaming of… there is a pile of laundry (from this morning) that needs to be folded, Star Wars George is sprawled on top of the laundry, and the bed isn’t even made.  “Whatever,” you think and throw the laundry and Star Wars George on a chair and try to arrange the pillows in a comfy position.  You pull back the sheets and “Wait a second… Is that food?!…no, no, just a crayon…” Climb in and stretch out.  “HUH?! Hold the phone there is something cold on my feet… Seriously three hot wheels cars?!  I told them these needed to be in the toy box this morning!”

By the time you are officially comfortable and in position for whatever relaxing moment you have planned you have a tiny pile next to YOUR side of the bed…Cars, stuffed animals, crayons…insert toy of choice here…

This was me last night….

I miss my nice, clean, untoyed sheets. I know many say I will miss these years but I don’t think I will ever miss finding suprises in my bed.

Will you?!


3 responses to “I miss my pretty bed

  • Heather

    I don't have kids, but I miss not having cat fur all over the sheets. Somehow it gets into all the nooks and crannies and is IMPOSSIBLE to get completely out.Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  • Karen

    Well, here's hoping you get a fabulously restful sleep tonight!Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  • Teresa @ ♥ TOO MANY HEARTBEATS ♥

    My oldest daughter (24) is married and has two children of her own. My middle daughter will be graduating from high school this spring and will be leaving for college in the fall. My 'baby' just started driving and only has two years before she, too, will graduate. It seems just like yesterday I was tripping over toys, washing dirty hands and faces and wishing for JUST 5 MINUTES to be alone! Now, I am quite anxious, and very sad, about this year ahead. I can't believe that another one of my chicks is leaving the nest. It just doesn't seem possible. It seems like just yesterday that she was only 5 years old! She was just learning to talk, to walk, to ride her new bike. I can promise you, you will soon be like me, wondering where in the world did all the time go?!? It will happen in the blink of an eye. Those little hotwheels will turn into the real thing and your kiddos will be driving away and you will be wishing like heck they would stay. Please, cherish this time you have now, for it will pass in an instant.{{HUGS}}Teresa <><

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