Magic Oreos and an old trick

I have a birthday party for a friend of mine tonight and I thought I would try a new recipe that Rook No. 17 posted in early December, Oreo Truffles on Stick! 

Now this recipe was a little difficult for me because Oreo’s are my all time favorite cookie.  I could eat Oreos everyday and after I hade my second boy, I did…. That was a lot of weight to lose! 

Here are the stages of cooking –

Before the slaughter —

My eyes were starting to tear up at this point… my cookies… Here I am about to eat one…
After the execution.  The ingredients were an entire bag of Oreo cookies and one 8 oz package of cream cheese all blended in a food processor… 
Now I will admit these don’t look nearly as good as her example, in fact they look a little gross, but they taste so good after that chocolate hardened!
Since the holidays are over I have begun to rummage through my kids toys to seperate what to donate, throw away, and to keep. I attacked their crayon box this morning and I found all their broken crayons and made some new ones… Old Trick but always neat looking in the end.
Finally – I will apologize for the picture quality!  The more I explore other peoples blogs and look at their picture quality the more I realize that I truly have a “cheapo crapo camera.” Oh well- at least I have a camera that does the job.  However, if anyone wants to buy me a new one I won’t say no!  I will even advertise for you.. hint hint..wink wink..Oh whatever, you get the point.

7 responses to “Magic Oreos and an old trick

  • gina

    How exactly did you do that with the crayons. I tried once and they didn't melt?!?? Also I'm a double stuf die hard, but those do sound yummmy…

  • Debbie

    Those oreos look incredible!Came over from SITS.

  • Angelia

    Mmmmm Oreos!!! I could eat the whole package too. I'd feel sick but I'd do it! HA.Those look really good. The recipe SOUNDS good. Hmmm wonder if I can wait for a splurge day. :-)I just spent my life savings (not really but I did feel likw I bought a new car) on a entry level Digital camera. Nikon D3000. I am pretty proud. Can't wait to get awesome pics on my blog. Other bloggers gave me the fever too! So far, it's everything I thought it would be.

  • Paige

    What a great recipe and I love the ideas for the reuse of crayons. Just stopping by from SITS to say Hello!

  • Teresa @ ♥ TOO MANY HEARTBEATS ♥

    Those Oreo Truffles sound amazing. I haven't tried them yet but I saw another recipe during the holidays that suggested you dip them in WHITE chocolate. YUMMY! I also saw one that suggested you use the Mint Oreos dipped in white chocolate. Now that would be my kind of Oreo heaven!I hope your party went well. By the way, I think your pictures are fine but since you are not happy with them, I hope someone nice gives you a sweet new camera. :0)Have a great Sunday and a wonderful week ahead!Blessings,Teresa <><

  • Morgan

    Gina – I just put them in the muffin tin and baked them until they were melted… The oven was still at 400 because I was cooking something just before the crayons so I had to watch them closely. I used the small muffin tin because they are easier for my kiddos to use

  • Holly

    Oreos are the best cookie! I really like the crayons. I try to clean out the rooms before Christmas, but missed the boat this year…I MUST do it asap!

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