Things before I am Thirty

We are now ten days into 2010 and many bloggers have written about their resolutions for the coming year.  They are wonderful resolutions and many of them extremely inspiring.  I, however, am not doing resolutions. I have goals that I want to have accomplished before I am thirty.  I am currently 28 years old with 130 days, 3 hours, 14 minutes, and 25..24…23 seconds until I am 29. 

I understand that in today’s society 30 is not old at all. It is viewed more as an age in which someone leaves the last lingering remnants of childhood behind and becomes a responsible adult… at least in most cases. 

Thirty is a big age for me. I am currently leading I life that I did not have planned.  I had so many plans when I was younger and sometimes I catch myself wondering what happened to those “plans.”  Please don’t miss understand, I do love my life and I know I am a stronger, wiser, and better person now than I would have been if left to my own devices.   However, in the midst of all this growing, little parts of me have seemed to float of away… So with the remaining time I have before hitting the big 30 I have made a list of things I want to accomplish…. These are in no order

1. Learn and play the Piano
2. Buy a Piano
3. Sew — well
4. The ability to produce enough food for my family in my backyard – Make my current garden bigger
5. Have a job, or the beginnings of one, that I LOVE – I love art.  Did you know that? I actually have an Art History Degree and interned at the Guggenheim in New York.
6. Partner with Christ to help me make others feel valued
7. Work with a non-profit organization regularly
8. Get completely out of debt so that my husband can finish his degree in aviation
9. Work in the mission field
10. Travel to Europe

I plan on adding to this list and updating my blog on my accomplishments… T-Minus 495 days

Are you going to keep track?  Do you have any goals? I would love to hear them…


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