Status Update – Broccoli

Ok, so one of my goals on my thirty list (mentioned in my previous post) was to produce food in my backyard.  Actually, the real goal is grow enough to feed my entire family, well I am a half way there…. At the beginning of the fall season (2009) my boys and I planted our fall/winter crops.  We got three out of five.
The seeds that were planted include, Basil, Broccoli, Cucumbers, Lima Bean (my four year olds choice), and Bell Pepper.  The Cucumber died a tragic death in November when it actually started getting colder than 70 degrees.  The Basil is not looking well but I have a feeling that he will make it through and will live to see another season.  I am not sure about the Lima Bean bush, it has seen better days.  However, I must say, I really don’t care if it dies… I hate lima beans.  The Bell Pepper and the Broccoli are my A+ students…. The Broccoli took off and two days ago I discovered new growth!!  The Bell Pepper is also showing signs of food!  AMAZING! 
Picture time –

Can you see it?!  It is right there in the middle —
This is what a Broccoli bush looks like…Big huh
Alrighty, food is on its way…. This summer I need to make my garden box twice its current size.  I need to buy the wood to do so and need to find it fairly cheap.  Tough stuff… What do you think?  Would you like me to send you some broccoli when it is finished growing?!

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