The Sound of Silence – Giveaway X 2 and I am a big fat liar.

The kids are out with Daddy and I thought I would take this wonderful time of silence and blog before running out to get dinner for movie night.

Two Things on the plate today

1. A little insight into my family for you.  We have a weekly movie night.  Each week, on one of my husbands nights off, we throw a couple of pizzas in the oven and pop in a family friendly movie.  We started the tradition last year and my kids LOVE IT.  They love that they get to eat pizza in front of the television and the added bonus is that my husband and I sit and watch it with them.  It is a cheap and wonderful way to have family time.  My kiddos look forward to it every week.  Well, we are now hitting a problem.  We are running out of movies to watch.  My husband and I have no problem with kid movies but there is a limit of how much we can stand.  So I need some suggestions… Does anyone have any great kiddo movies?  I will tell you right now – NO Wiggles (they freak me out) and nothing with Spongebob.  I hate that sponge thing….  I am supposed to be headed to Blockbuster right now and I am dreading it… UGH-

2. Want to know what I was doing at 3am last night?  Not sleeping and it wasn’t anything fun with the hubby.  I was up, sitting here, browsing the internet.  I tossed and turned for hours and finally gave in.  I grabed a bit of chocolate, Bakers Chocolate, (so we all know where those extra calories went)and surfed the web.  I hate insomnia! I don’t know where it came from but it really bugs me. Not to mention, it really isn’t helping the junk in the trunk.

OH ok – I lied – there are two more things I want to mention….

Does everyone remember the Domestic Dork from SITS?  I joined her V-day exchange so I am expecting a suprise from a fellow blogger!   Her idea inspire me. So starting on January 31st I  am doing a giveaway – I am going to be giving away a movie! It is a really GOOD movie so stayed tuned!!!

Oh and I would like you guys to go and check out The Coffee Shop – She is doing a Starbucks card giveaway!   I am not quite sure why I am telling you all this because it lowers my chances of getting it… Yes, I am that selfish with coffee. 

Lots of words and no pictures today – I hope you read this much!

P.S. Hope there are no typos because I don’t feel like spell checking or grammar checking today.


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