Quick gift and gettin’ physical

It is Bunco time again… well, actually it was Bunco time again last night!  It was actually a fun theme,  “Gettin Physical!”  Yes, we had sweatpants, yes, leg warmers were present, yes, headbands were worn, and yes ,Olivia was blasting on the stereo.  Let me tell you it was a crazy night… okay not really crazy, but a lot of fun.  I will be placing a picture of my somewhat 80s attire at the bottom of this post.  I don’t want it to be the first thing that pops up on everyone’s blogger dashboard.

I did bring a gift for the hostess of our 80s Bunco evening.   Here it is:


This gift was really easy and inexpensive.  The pot is from Wal-mart and was 75 cents.  All I did was paint it with Chalkboard paint wait for it to dry and add a pretty blue ribbon.  The contents are all “homegrown.”  I bagged up some compost, soil and onion seeds with directions for planting.  Boom – an organic hostess gift.  Now, it does help that she was telling me that they are starting a garden so the gift was fitting. I am not sure how every hostess would react to onion seeds and dirt. However- I will be repeating this gift for our May Day gifts.

Alrighty – Now for the money shot –  This is not very good picture!  I took them after the fact and I did not include my face because the hair went down and the green eyeshadow had lost its luster… Also the bathroom mirror has water spots from two boys brushing their teeth with daddy last night!
Now the goal was Flashdance type of effect.  Both those shirts are my husbands.  I cut up his t-shirt and took his tank top to master the effect.   Not the best picture but let me tell you I look RAD.

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