You bloggers have made me very crafty

The name of my blog is Becoming Homegrown because I am in the process of learning how fix, refinish, create, grow and a litany of other things that I never bothered with when I was younger.  Well, I must hand it my fellow bloggers, you have taught me to be very crafty.

I hit a GREAT garage sale this last weekend.  The woman was redecorating her house and was selling all of her antiques and French country decor.  There was some fantastic stuff and I made out very well.  I do believe that this was some of my best garage saleing (I just made that a verb-go with it) ever.  Included in the great loot were two vintage tin signs.  One is too cute and the other was not my style but I got it anyways because I knew I could something with it….Right now, I KNOW, you guys are making a mental list of things you would have done with the sign.  I will now show you what I did with the sign.


Still before–Oh wait.. What is that in my hand?! My trusty chalkboard paint….
A Closer after shot –
Now a couple of you may be having a heart attack because you really liked the sign but I have to tell you again, the image and color just does not go with my house! Seriously, in my guest/kids bathroom, I have  a very large black and white photo of a movie audience wearing 3-d glasses look terrified and guess where I have it hanging… right over the toilet!
I made that sign into a chalkboard for my kitchen! I wrote down the food schedule because my kiddos were getting out of hand asking for snacks.  Now they have a reference. I also really hate my handwriting.  It just proves I was never destined to be a teacher.
Ugh- I feel I need to go take a picture of my bathroom so that everyone doesn’t think my style is horrible… The picture is funny, I promise!!  err… I need to go take a picture now….

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