Weddings, Homemade gifts, and Tornados – Oh MY!

Before we begin let me ask you all one question – What is up with the weather?  A better question would probably be what is up with the Earth?   

I live in Arizona and right now, as I type this, we are under a Tornado watch!  It has rained for two days straight and now the real force of the storm is hitting us… Don’t get me wrong, the rain is great but the wind is freaking me out a little. 

OK- So admist all of this adversity there is a little brightness shinning through. One of my best friends is getting married tomorrow… Everyone together…Congratulations April!   Honestly it is about time – they are going on eight years.   ANYWAYS – she came over today to borrow my wonderful, trusty, never fail, chalkboard paint for her guest gifts.  Are they called guest gifts?  She had a great idea and I asked her permission to blog about it.  So I am and here we go…

April was inspired by one of MY ideas, the chalkboard pot.  She did put her own spin on it though.

So plain pots with a square of chalkboard paint… She squared it off with painters tape
Finished product.  There are some metallic gold paint embellishments on the side.  The flower stencil did not come out too well but she made it work.
She plans on writing the names of the people that are recieving these on the square.  I get one too…
Good idea huh?! Go ahead and steal it if you want, I give you permission, however April may beat you down. 

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