A little coffee love anyone?

As many of you don’t know, I won a giveaway a couple of weeks ago.  It was my first time winning anything in the blogger world.  I was thrilled, ecstatic, and was doing a little happy dance for a couple of days.  (That’s right, I do happy dances.  I even do them in public, my husband hates that.)  Well that happy dance was nothing in comparison to the full out ballroom dance that was performed all the way from my mailbox to my house just a few short days ago… I had received my 25 dollar gift card to Starbucks!!!

Oh yeah baby!!  Would you like to know who hosted this awesome giveaway…Paloma from The Coffee Shop
She is the author of a blog dedicated to good food and GREAT coffee… She loves it in the same obsessive manner that I do.  I can’t believe that God put two of us on this earth!

Well, that night, after my ballroom dancing was finished I decided to take my two boys out on a  PJ date to our local Starbucks.  We ordered Hot Chocolates all around and made ourselves comfortable in their signature over sized chairs. We toasted The Coffee Shop and took a long satisfying drink of our “Ho Cho” and called it a night.  Thank you Paloma for the wonderful giveaway and the opportunity to take my little guys on a special date!
Here is a picture for you-

There is still time for the my GREAT GIVEAWAY – click right…. HERE


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