A world without Rainbow Brite – IMPOSSIBLE

Do you ever have an old moment?  A moment, just a brief second,  in which you are reminded of your actual age and that the youth you once enjoyed is heading on out.   It may not be a bad thought or even depressing, it is just an actual truth that sometimes comes around and smacks you in the forehead…

Here is my old moment of the day….

I was given the opportunity to review the new Rainbow Brite.  That is right everyone, they are re-releasing Rainbow Brite!  However, it must be said, that she has grown up a bit and looks pretty darn good.  Say goodbye to the chubby little cheeks and the big round acorn head of the past and say hello to pre-teen Rainbow Brite.

Even though everyone got an updated look I am going to have to say that it looks rather cute.  Rainbow Brite is returning to her post of leader of this group as they try to save the world from losing all of its color.  I know that little girls will adore this show. 
The CD was actually a lot of fun for my BOYS and I.  Yes, that is right, I made my four and two year old boys play the games with me.  We watched part of an episode, explored all the games, and went through every tab available.  The four year old loved the puzzles and the coloring pages. He put all the puzzles together himself and I really thought the coloring pages were better than most.  They allow you to construct your own coloring page with the character of your choice.  Then it will print out your creation so that it can be colored.  I don’t really care for the computer programs that allow you to “color” on the computer and this one was a pleasant surprise…. I have to say this so that when and if my husband reads this he knows that “NO, I did not let them color in Rainbow Brite pages.”
It looks really great and if the Lord had blessed with a little girl I would probably be investigating some of those Rainbow colored boots….Oh well, all for me! I will look HOT at the grocery store rocking a pair of those puppies. 
NOW – I was given a lot of the CDs to pass out to other families – So here I am passing some of them out –
I have five copies to give away.  If you would like one leave me a comment.  That is it… No jumping through flaming hoops or sending me videos of your funniest moment… I will randomly choose five people and contact through the blogger world (I will go to your blog and leave you a message-real high tech stuff) and send them out as soon as I get an address.  Pretty easy and Free
Let’s say we end this on Feb. 12 –
OKAY – DON’T FORGET – My giveaway of  Julie and Julia that is ending on the 9th.  So there is still time!!!

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