When BAD things happen to good Noodles and Mason Jars

I did it again…*sigh*…. only two weeks after the Soy Chicken Massacre.  I went to All Recipes.com and trusted the reviewers. I’m SORRY! I can’t help it. I am not a very good cook… Here is what happened today:

The day began around 7:30am and everyone slept in. Well, not everyone, my husband was at work.  The kids and I got up, ate breakfast, read the Bible, and went about our routine.  I even took a moment to weigh myself to see how the diet is working (pretty good – but I started Wed) and I was feeling motivated.   The day was only going to go up and it actually did…

We all went outside to work on the backyard.  I finished painting a tire and began a new one (for a later post– like tomorrow) and moved on to all the other things that I have been meaning to work on.  I made a make shift fence for our newly planted corn, worked some compost around the trees, and I even washed the 4 year olds Power Wheels.  We were outside ALL DAY!  It was fantastic.  (OH- also we live in the Southwest so that winter storm that is hammering so many of you, Sorry!)

Then it hit. The energy drain.  I put my boys down for quiet time/nap and I took a looong hot shower.  I sat down in front of the computer to watch some Chuck and realized that it was 4:30 and I had nothing planned for dinner. I DID have a Pot Roast ready to go but no sides. I really suck at sides.  My four year old came in the room and distracted me and I got nervous, anxious and I didn’t know where to turn. (just in case you were wondering, the four year old does not watch Chuck) You see – All Recipes was right there tempting me with its little thumbnail pictures that always look great and the promise of five star rating with a cook time of 30 minutes! 

I choose a Mediterranean pasta and there was nothing Mediterranean about it. Seriously, it was bread crumbs, basil, oregano, olive oil and pasta.  I should of looked past it’s alluring thumbnail picture but I was hungry, tired, and running out of time.

I made it. I took a bite and passed all the blame on All Recipes.  We had Mac and Cheese,again. 

However this pasta did more than ruin half the dinner it destroyed my concept of what would look cute on a mason jar.  The pasta MADE me go to my craft closet and get my glass stars ( I forgot their name) and hot glue them to side of a Mason jar.   I was planning on putting a candle in the middle but it was to shockingly ugly for me to go through with it…. Stupid Pasta.

Wanna see the results of both – I told you I would post my adventures in learning be it good or bad…

Verdict = Two Thumbs down X 2

STUPID STUPID PASTA – Why take the blame personally when you can blame the pasta.


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