Tires are weighty

I have been sitting here off and on for about an hour trying to come up with an opening line.  A line that will grab everyone’s attention but I am failing.  I have written and rewritten the beginning of this post about three times and it isn’t even life shattering or tragically important.  One would think, wow- three times, this has got to be weighty issue.  It is weighty, but physically not mentally…

I worked with tires and dirt this week!  See – weighty – Tires are heavy! awww.. that was a bad transition.

ANYWAYS – We have started work on our backyard again!  We painted tires, planted some corn, and I even built a make shift fence to keep out our dog and two year.    Here come the pictures –

A painted tire courtesy of three kiddos under 5.  Let me quickly explain the tire idea – I had originally planned on making my boys a play area with tires however as time wore on I didn’t like the idea anymore and so I  switched to planters. I looked up the process of making tire planters and the risk associated, if any, and then went to work.  I am now washing then painting each tire white.  After the white has dried we add some color, as seen here.  I finish the painting process with a clear sealant. 

The bottom one is mine!

These are so easy to do and the kids had a blast!  I still have about four more to go…

After the tires we moved on to the garden area…
I had an idea- I had a lot wooden stakes in the garage (ya know in case a horde of vampires attack my home) and I put them to good use…   Hey look – you can see the tip of my ugly shoe in this picture!

Voila- The end result.  One make shift fence.  In that fenced area are two rows with corn seeds.  Yum corn….

Wow- would you look at the garden area?!  The giant broccoli bush is really going crazy.

This garden will be changing in the next two months.  My husband is going to make me a larger garden box so that I can grow more vegetables. I will also be growing my own herbs and drying them. I will have a lot of herbs so keep a look out because I plan on giving some away.

Verdict = Two Thumbs up
(green thumbs that is – aw man, another bad joke!)


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