No no… dont’ do that… UGH – YUCK! Seriously?!

Everyone always says that the second child is always a little gutsier than the first.  The parents aren’t as worried about the little things and are a more open about letting them venture farther than a 2 foot radius.  As a result they are little bravier and willing to try new things, most of the time.

My second is my crazy kiddo.  In the short span of his life he has made me utter phrases and take preemptive actions that I never thought I would…

1.  I now have to make sure that I ALWAYS close the dryer and washer doors.  He crawled into the dryer and closed the door behind him. Luckly I was nearby and heard him knocking and got him out… We have a front loading dryer so I could see his little face as well.

2. He has found EVERY SINGLE hiding place for sweet things.  I typically put sweets up high so that they won’t be a temptation but he has successfully found each spot.  He is like a bloodhound.

3. I need to find a child lock for our fridge.  I walked into the kitchen one morning and found him drinking syrup DIRECTLY from the bottle! YUCK!  He then proceed to drop the bottle and run to the couch and wipe his sticky face all over the side arm.  His older brother found this extremely funny

4.  Poison control has me on their list of permanent offenders.  This time he found the Children’s Tylenol bottle and drank from it like it was juice.  He is/was fine but you want to talk about a heart-attack… This leads me to the number 5

5. Child saftey locks on bottles are no match for his Macguyver like tendencies

6.  He has decided that he now wants to use the bathroom like everyone else.  How do I know this, he brings me his dirty diapers in his hands!!!   Now this may not be that bad but imagine having guests over and your two year old has gone a gigantic “potty” and brings it to you buck naked!!

7. I found him on top of the fridge

8. He has gone out into the garage and has let himself into one of the cars.  I took me awhile to find him on that one.

9. He put my underwear on his head and paraded around the house. I had friends over. enough said..

10.  YESTERDAY – He learned that he can remove the screws that hold our kitchen table together.  Now,  it is an old table that I bought from Craigslist specifically to use while the children are young.  This way if they destroy it I don’t really care…

11. For a brief period of time I had to continually ask him to eat like a boy and not like a puppy.

Even though he is a handful he actually doesn’t make us that upset. In fact, we are usually laughing at his unusual tactics…  Christ gave us this crazy little boy and we can’t wait to see how he turns out.

Does anyone else have some crazy story about a kiddo?!  I would love to hear them and maybe get a good laugh!

However I need to go, he is currently dive bombing off the back of the couch.


15 responses to “No no… dont’ do that… UGH – YUCK! Seriously?!

  • Lauren

    Oh no! I hope he doesn't hurt himself! Sounds like he always takes y'all on an adventure. Some parents today get so uptight about their kids doing things that to them are fun but to the parents are noisy and chaotic. Sometimes it's justified and sometimes I can't help but think, "lighten up, they're just having fun." But I'm not a parent, so I really can't say. Lol. Hope you and your family are having a wonderful day and not getting into too much trouble! πŸ™‚

  • Sam

    Hi Morgan. By now I'd be paranoid! Your baby is no baby any more. On top of the Fridge? Really? He sounds like a tricky one, alright. What do they say about the THIRD one? Do they mellow out? Or, you're probably afraid to find out. LOL.. How are you doing? Happy February. Love your page, great color palet and good reading. I'm cooking up sandwichy things as usual, and looking in on you. Take care, Keri (a.k.a. Sam)

  • tristan

    LOL! Tripp is already proving he is his own little person and NOTHING like his big brother. πŸ™‚

  • bluecottonmemory

    LOL – Our second one set the house on fire, had the new neighbors calling at 7 am. because he was in their yard (he was 1), so we had to put top locks on the sliding glass doors and key locks everywhere else. Second sons, biblically, are a hand full, but such a joy when they outgrow their handfullness:)It sounds like you guys are having a great time, though:)

  • Denise

    Oh, I remember some of the antics all too well and my boys are 24 and 23 (my daughter, 21, NEVER did this stuff)! My oldest would get up, when he had just started walking, climb out of the crib and empty the contents of the fridge onto the floor. When they were about two and 3, one pushed the other out of a split foyer window. BOYS! Love your blog! I am following you πŸ™‚

  • Natalie at Mommy on Fire

    Another Christian blogger – YAY!My second born is a wild one. We have three and he is the "one" we must watch continuously. I knew when he was 9 months old and while unloading the dishwasher I realized he had climbed up on our kitchen table and was crawling across it and reach for the light fixture above the table. Within 2 seconds that my eyes were averted.It does get better as they get a little older but he still needs to be watched constantly. I agree with you – he is fearfully and wonderfully made and though he is a handful, I wouldn't change him. Seriously.Visiting from SITS!

  • Sally

    Goodness gracious, he's something! πŸ™‚

  • tickledpinktwice

    OMG. You have me fearing my youngest growing up. Our oldest will be 7 when the youngest turns 1 (born 10 days apart birthday wise) and we've already noticed how much more gusty and brazen our youngest is. She isn't quite as physical as the oldest was at this point (our oldest was walking at 10 months) but she has a vocabulary of 15+ words already and understands what it is to do something she shouldn't. She's a climber and loves outlets. I actually had to buy outlet covers with this one. Lord I hope I don't find this one on the fridge!Stopping by from SITS.

  • Morgan

    I love these stories!! Keep them coming! I have laughed out loud soo many times! I have to know how one little boy set the house on fire…

  • Cole

    My mommy is really hoping that this doesn't give me any ideas! LOL @ drinking syrup straight from the bottle…

  • Kara@ Creations by Kara

    He sounds just like my fourth son. They sure make life interesting. One tip I learned: Superglue is not toxic. That was a fun day at our house I tell ya! πŸ˜‰

  • Callie

    I love the adventuresome child (as long as noone gets hurt)! I hate it that so often we lose that sense of wonder with age. Hope your little one can hold on to it!

  • Lora

    this had me giggling a lot. sounds like you're taking it all in stride but my GOSH! lol.visiting you from SITS–have a…calm? day!

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