Award winning Dirt

Oh me Oh my – Two things today –

First –
Garden expansion is complete and OH MY GOSH  am I in pain.  There is nothing like a little shoveling and working in the dirt to show you how out of shape you are… The palms of my hands hurt!  They actually hurt!  I didn’t know you could strain the muscles in your hands. Okay enough complaining about my sore muscles –

As I said earlier we have finished the expansion. My husband was on vacation this week (proving to be very distracting in the blogging department) and we were actually very productive.  He built himself some manshelves in the garage and finished my garden. Would you like to see it – No, well, tough-

Here we have the unfilled garden.  My husband put the boards in and it was up to me to find the “filling.”

I found the filling – My theory is why pay for anything if you can find it for free.  Well, this pile of dirt is free clean fill dirt.  I hunted on Craigslist for an afternoon and found a local woman giving away her extra dirt.  I went to her home BY MYSELF and shoveled all this dirt in the back of a friends truck…Did I mention that I did it BY MYSELF???  It may not look like a lot but trust me it is. 

All filled in!!  I have my own mixture of garden dirt.  I mix clean fill dirt, garden soil from Home Depot, deodorized manure and compost.  I was disgusting at the end of this. 

Hey look!  There is my Topsy Turvey!  I actually really love this thing..

Now I did plant seeds today – I have planted Sweet Onions, Lemon Basil, Parsely, Strawberries, and Lettuce.  I didn’t plant too many and I still have a lot of space between each plant!  I can not wait!!

SECOND ITEM – April from Cup of Delight has bestowed me a delightful award

The Sunshine Award

I am supposed to pass this on to twelve people however 
I am going to follow April’s lead and break the rules. I am also 
including some followers of mine that I think need some award love!
1. Jenn from Rook No. 17
2. Holly from 504 main 
4.  Tristan The Transient Pod
6.  Danielle Humes Party of Three
7. Cynde Hip Chic Designs 
8. Melanie Tutu bug
11.  Although I can’t give her the award because we both received this from April
Alright – I need to get off this computer! I have to go make some dinner for three hungry boys!!!  

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