Death by Citrus

Today was a day of learning and reflection.  It was one that I will remember for years to come and pass down to younger generations….The day the Pummelo died.  What is a Pummelo you ask, stay with me and learn.

This week my good friend (lets call her K) and I decided to participate in Bountiful Baskets, a local produce co-op.  I have only heard wonderful things about this organization and I was extremely excited about our basket.  I really was, I’m not kidding. The night before our pick up I had a very vivid dream about produce and I will spare you the salacious details.

We arrived at the park to pick up our baskets and I was thrilled.  It was filled with wonderfully fresh and beautiful fruits and veggies.  Take a look  –

Is your mouth watering yet?… If you look into my basket you will see an array of apples, petite tomatoes, Asian pears, romaine lettuces, celery, and three giant yellow planets… THOSE are Pummelos.  When I first spotted them I thought they were grapefruit. The, what I believe to be, embarrassing cousin that no one admits too fruit of the citrus family.
No matter, I grabbed my basket and went home to set up my loot – 
What a vision – Produce perfection in my fridge… All that food for 15 dollars…
Let us fast forward two hours. I am now at K’s home and our boys are going crazy and we are looking at the Pummelo planets and discussing what we should do with them. They were huge and we were curious.We were pleasantly suprised that though they are related to the WORST fruit in the world (Grapefruit), Pummelos are actually sweeter and rather tasty. 
First we juiced them and put some in a bowl for casual munching.  
Then I had the bright idea – “HEY, LETS CANDY THE RINDS! YUM!”  Famous last words.
We were slicing those rinds for at least an hour.  We had the instructions from an online source, NOT ALL RECIPES, and we were ready to make history with those suckers.  
The picture above is of a grapefruit but it was so pretty I had to take a picture of it.  Do you see my “Pyscho” knife next to it…. 
After the slicing we had to blanch them three times for one minute a piece. Here is the blanching.  Do you know what blanching is, I do now.
We were so “on top of it.” We had two different pots of water going so that there wasn’t a lot of lag time between blanching and things were moving.  As I working, visions of road side stands and our legendary rinds being sold began floating through my mind.  I was saying to myself, I am going to blog about this and everyone is going to be so impressed with this success.  HA!
 One batch in between blanching sessions.
After the blanching was complete we were instructed to allow them to sit in a certain amount of water with a certain about of sugar for about an hour… That is where things turned sour. Pun intended.
We set the rinds up and went and had ourselves some lunch and chat time.  I would go check them periodically to see if they were becoming translucent and noticed that they really weren’t changing.  Instead they had developed a type of smell. An odd smell.  A sticky smell.  The steam was truly sticky.
Pretty bad looking huh…. Would you like to know what we did next?!  We tried to make our kids eat it! We told them it was fruit candy.  All they heard was blah blah blah -CANDY.   Yea, we get the mother of the year award.
Now, just to let you know, K and I did try the candy before we handed it out to our innocent four year olds.  We had to make sure it wasn’t just us that hated the result and the husbands were not available for any experimentation.
So the day ended with gross sticky rinds.  At least her garbage disposal will smell fresh and the juice we made was great.

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