Savor the goodness

First and foremost – Thank you to everyone that is participating… Keep those links coming!

Topic number 1:

I really enjoy sprucing things up; taking something that is really boring and making it fantastic.
I had a clay pot that I really hated.  I bought it when I first started to grow things and I believe that whatever was in the pot died a sad and tragic death.  I ended up ditching the plant but keeping the pot.    I saw it a couple days ago and it was mocking me, mercilessly. So instead of throwing it away I decorated it…and gave it a new friend.

Isn’t it cute!!!  I had white primer on hand so I painted it white and added the polka dots as soon as it dried.  I am in love with primer.  It covers almost any flaw and dries remarkably fast.  After everything was completely dry I sprayed it with a clear sealant. 

I love my new pot.   I believe it will live in my house.

Topic number 2:
(I made this one second so you guys would have to read the first….unless you skipped ahead- in that case – Bad blog reader)

I made my first dinner from a fellow blogger, Kitchen Koala.  

Italian Pasta Salad
This was so easy for me. I think it will be so easy for everyone.  No, strike that, I KNOW it will be easy for everyone!   (I didn’t want to start off with something difficult and get depressed and have a melt down.  Trust me, I have melt downs.)
In fact, are you prepared to be slightly impressed, the broccoli is from MY garden.  
Alright now to the gory details.  I did not have trouble making this but I did make two changes.  She calls for Bowtie pasta and I didn’t have any one hand.  I had just come back from the grocery store and I wasn’t about to go back to that hole.  The second difference is the missing olives. I did buy olives but I didn’t check what type. I bought diced olives and only noticed this AFTER I opened the can.  Otherwise I stayed true to the recipe. 
Thanks for dinner Kitchen Koala!

Please keep posting your recipes for me! I have written down each blog/site that was listed and I WILL go there and try to cook something.


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