Nicolas Cage would make the Olympics better

Well, the Olympics are officially over. It always makes me a little sad.  I really enjoy the fanfare the accompanies the games and the uniting effect it has for many countries.  Familiar foes will suddenly become friends striving for the common goal of supporting the athlete that is representing their homeland.   Unknown individuals are suddenly in the spotlight for their magnificent talents and remarkable strength.

I love the suspense of certain events.  My eyes are glued to the screen as I watch men and women struggle to bring their feet together at the end of what only can be considered, a suicidal ski jump.  I adore the fact that as I am watching people participate in events that are life threatening( from the comfort of my own home) all I can think of is that the fact the only thing protecting them from severe brain damage is a tiny PLASTIC helmet. Those are some mighty large…well you know, no need to make this blog PG-13.

What I also finding incredibly amusing is the fact I have all of these opinions about the Olympics and I don’t even have basic cable or even regular television programing.  Nope… Nothing…..
I get all my opinions from Yahoo!.com.

This actually brings me to my topic..Kinda…Yahoo had and article about Nicolas Cage making the Olympics even better and after these pictures I have to agree. It does… It really does.

Now I am going to go look up some pictures of C Nor (aka Chuck Norris) and how he makes life even better.


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