Reading this may be hazardous to your health

To Post or Not to Post…. that is the question.

I am fairly tired and feeling extremely lazy this evening so this may be either a fantastically magical and inspiring post or one that is poorly written with a million and one spelling/grammatical errors. I am leaning toward the latter.

I have notice that in recent weeks my mind is slowly breaking down.  I am always getting my kiddos names wrong. I will run through at least three names before I can call them by the correct name.  When I was a child I remember my mother having that problem and I used to HATE IT.  I would think to myself   “Seriously lady, you only have two kids and one of them is already in college and a BOY!  My name is M.O.R.G.A.N.  I am not the cat, the dog, my dad, or brother, I am your one and only daughter, please get my name correct on the first try…”  Now, years later, I AM DOING IT!   And the really depressing part is that I don’t just get their names flip flopped, I have accidently found myself saying the dogs name instead of theirs.  What IS that?! 

The break down is also spreading… I have started saying entire words wrong.  The other day I was talking with two of my close friends and tried to say Minnesota and it came out very odd.  Nothing like Minnesota. 
My husband thinks it is hilarious.  He will imitate me for days until I punch him in the mouth…. not really, I don’t punch… doesn’t mean I don’t want to… I just won’t.

UGH – Alright – Onwards

I have made a fairly important decision recently and since we are on a semi-personal-awkward-we-enjoy-reading-about-each-others-lives relationship I thought I would share it.  I am returning to school to get my Masters.  Amazing huh…

Yup, that awesome Art History degree that has taken me oh so far, is now going to be worked into a Masters of Education.  This should be an interesting venture considering my recent brain melting…….

Next post will be about Cornbread. I made great cornbread tonight.  Yum


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