Tea Party for over 50 moms – Moms that will be there, not their age!

I am the co-Hospitality coordinator for my MOPS group at church.  I am currently planning the Spring Tea meeting and I am looking for inspiration….  This is my first major venture into theme decorating and I am little excited.  I am looking around for tips but I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve… I would LOVE to hear or see your ideas…

Here is the set up – we have ten tables with about 7 women to each table. I need to make each table lovely for these moms… The theme is a basically a Tea party for moms.  We do this every year and I really want to make it lovely.

So far here are some ideas that I like…

I love the colors and the stacked teacups… but how will I find that many teacups before the 1st of April???

Beautiful right??  The pail in the middle is just wonderful

Ok – Now this selection of photos is my personality.  I love ALL of these ideas…

Now I am turning it out to you guys… Do you have any suggestions of places to purchase items?  I am on a tight budget so any help would be great….. Does anyone sell these things or will anyone be willing to donate them to a non profit organization?  

I am off to bargain hunt!

I will post all my purchase and transformations!! 


10 responses to “Tea Party for over 50 moms – Moms that will be there, not their age!

  • Acting Balanced Mom

    does the church where you hold MOPS have a kitchen that you can borrow teacups from? I know they may not match the theme, but would be cost effective…I would check Michaels or other craft stores for the buckets and paint and distress them yourself… another thought would be to go to the dollar or thrift store and find something you could spray paint – remember that not all the tables have to 'match' identically – so if you pick a country centrepiece theme, you could find a few buckets, baskets, milk pitchers etc… if they are cheap enough you could spray and distress them …that's all my brain is processing for now… but I will keep thinking šŸ™‚

  • Jessica

    I would say dollor stores would be your best bet! Sometime they have cute things a party store places? Cant wait to see what you come up with!

  • karly

    I'm wondering if goodwill would have teacups? Like another commenter said, it doesn't have to match, but be complementary instead.And, your post title made me giggle!

  • Acting Balanced Mom

    ok, next foggy brain thought… what about party supply rentals… they'd be good for the table cloths and if you do want matching tea cups and plates

  • Gabrielle @ i.craft

    oh, I love tea parties… I used to be in charge of our church one for many years. An idea popped into my head as I read your post. Use 12×12 scrap book paper for place mats… great color for the table. Also squares of pretty fabric 36 inches by 36 inches with rough edges works beautifully. Mason jars with flowers and thrift store tea cups etc. Have fun!

  • JDaniel4's Mom

    I would look at Goodwill or ask some of the seniors at your church if they have old sets. I have three sets and I would definitely be willing to let you use the one I really don't love. It is pretty just not my taste.

  • sweetjeanette

    Definitely scope out the dollar stores! Goodwill(or at least "MY" gw has gobs of teacups. I used to be over the side-by-side ministry at my church and each new lady got a gift that was a teacup with mints, bookmark, and brochures of our various church's ministries all wrapped up in celophane or tule…I got my teacups from yard sales and Goodwill. Shop around your own home. Our ladies group hosts lots of teas and one of the most popular one was where the ladies decorated their own tables. It was great, they went anywhere from whimsical to grand!Good Luck – they're so much fun to pull off, but a little scary at first! LOLjeanettesweetjeanette.com

  • Holly

    I bought a to of tea cups for my daughters b'day at Goodwill and local thrift stores…maybe even Ross and Marsall's…of course thrift stores are cheaper. If I lived closer (or shipping were cheaper) I would totally let you borrow mine. There was a cute bucket project on luckystarlane.com about adding words to the buckets.I will think more.HollyDo you have a button? I just got a makeover and am updating my stuff…I have a new button too!

  • w

    i plan on hosting a tea party next year. i've been collecting since the beginning of the year. i go to garage sales on the weekends and buy a teacup or two at a time… but the really fancy ones. and then. i plan to mix match the cups and saucers. have fun!visting from sits.

  • Lauren

    Hey Morgan. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that you were in the first ten to win a Feeling For Bones-themed bookmark. If you want it, just email me your mailing address at hersilentmusings@yahoo.com. Thanks! šŸ˜€

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