Inspiration found at Goodwill and a homemade magnet board – Ta-Da!

Thank you everyone so much for the advice that was given in the previous post!  I read each one and took notes… I went to Goodwill, my second time EVER, and found tea cups and inspiration.  Imagine that Inspiration found at Goodwill and it was half off.
I have decided to ditch the tea cup idea.  Sorry, there are approximately 70 women, and I have a teeny tiny budget.  But don’t loose hope or the willingness to keep reading… I found a glass milk carafe and some metal tins (aka – inspiration) 

Our Tea is going Southern.  Paula Deen, Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Fried Green Tomatoes southern.  I am using tins, mason jars, candles, moss, and fresh flowers… Are you intrigued?  I will take pictures of a mock set up just because I love you.

Alright – Would you like to see what I made today –

This is my boys new magnet board.  That is a cookie sheet that has been spray painted red with story book pages mod podge on the back.  I tried to strategically place a magnet in the middle but it blends in too well…

Cheapo Crapo Camera and I took another picture but it didn’t come out well.

I will be hanging this in their room tomorrow!

This newspaper globe has turned out to be my biggest pain.  I am making a pinata for my son’s birthday party and I am trying to make the Earth so I can attach Superman to the side…Get it?…Superman is flying around the Earth…

This is the second layer and tomorrow I have to do a third and possibly a fourth.  This project is not as “fun” as I had envisioned.  I will post all the gory details as soon as I have a final product to show you.


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