Easy Chicken Tostadas and two mistakes…I'm learning..UGH

New recipe you must try –

Chicken Tostadas

Paloma over at The Coffee Shop had a fantastic and simple recipe for Chicken Tostadas.  I really liked the final outcome and the fact that I felt so accomplished because I made something my kids had never had. 

Here is the picture of my dinner…. Do you see the little bite taken out of the Tostada?  That is courtesy of my two year old…   

Now I did change two things but one of them was optional so I don’t feel too bad.  I did not add the peppers and we did not have “Mexican style cream.”  We live in an area that doesn’t carry it at our local grocery store. 

Even with my changes this was an awesome dinner and I will be making it again!  Thanks Paloma!!!!

Now on to my two mistakes…

Remember my awesome magnet board from the previous post?  Well, it still looks awesome but I hit a snag. 

I am not sure what was on there but in the process of removing it I smeared the paint.  Being the smart and intellegent person that I am I thought “huh- easy fix I will just spray over it and it will be fine.”  Nope….When I tried to spray paint over my mistake it only got worse.  I should have waited until it was completely dry. Now I have to fix this mistake as well as the top of the board.

Second mistake – Pinata

I finished the pinata yesterday.  I added the last layer and I was feeling pretty good about it.  The balloon on the inside and started to deflate a bit and I thought it would be fine to just pop it and pull it out.  About ten minutes after removing the balloon one side of the pinata caved in and fell off the bowl that was supporting it and hit the floor.  Luckily I was standing right next too it so I picked it up immediately and put it outside to dry.  Thank goodness for the tires, they turned out to be the perfect solution to holding the tire.   The worst part of this was my husband warned me not to pop the balloon prematurely because it would probably cave in on itself.
I was wrong and he was right. I told him last night. 

Things are looking up in the pinata world.  This picture was taken this morning and it looks as if I caught it in time.  Let’s just hope the birds don’t attack it for insulation for their nests.


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