We made it through – Well, the pinata has seen better days.

Hello!  Wow, it feels as if I haven’t posted in weeks!  Ugh…It is a little hard to step back into the groove… I am just going to dive in.

The reason for my lack of posting in recent days are because of two big events.  The first and most important is the birthday extravaganza for my now five year old.  This last Saturday we held his first big birthday party and I have spent the couple weeks getting ready for it….remember the pinata. 

This party was a first for everyone in our family.  We have never held a “party” for our kiddos. My husband and I choose to wait until he was old enough to really appreciate a giant birthday party to actually hold one.  Now, we ALWAYS made a huge deal about birthdays but on a intimate family level and in all honesty it was worth the wait.  My now five year old had a blast!  He was excited for days preceding the party and loved participating in decorating the house.  He savored every moment of his day.  He is still talking about it! 

Now on a personal level, I had a blast!  It was fun decorating the house, setting up the giant Spiderman bouncer in the backyard, and finishing that stinking pinata.  Yes, you heard me right, I finished the pinata!  I ended up ditching my whole planet Earth idea and going with something much easier.

 It looks a little odd, I will be the first to admit that.  (The dent is from a little kid hitting it from a bat )  I had some issues after it deflated but I was able to salvage it.  I added a coat of mod podge to give additional strength and a little “shine.”  

Making a pinata did not turn out as fun as I had envisioned.  It was messy, boring, and a pain.  Will I do it again?  Probably, it was more cost effective and I was actually proud of my handy work.   Also – It is a great way to recycle newspaper!  (P.S. The kids beat it to a pulp – I think we have some hidden anger issues in these kiddos)

Would you like to see our Spiderman on the rise…

My kiddos were extremely excited.  This was the day prior to the party.  We put it up for some family bouncing time. FYI – Want a good workout – get a bouncer and bounce with your kids.


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