Ah! We are couch potatoes!

Do you Yahoo!?   I do.  I still have a Yahoo account that I hand out when I don’t want certain email to clog up my main address.  However, lately, I have been reading the articles on the Yahoo homepage.  They are pretty good –  Have you seen this one:  Nearly third of children globally are couch potatoes

I stumbled across it last night and read it and was horrified!  I was horrified to see that kids world wide, despite income level, are spending more time lounging than actually doing something. I was even more horrified when I figured out that my kids are just as bad!  According to this research kids are spending three hours (+) being sedentary…meaning they are sitting in front of the TV, playing video games or just not doing anything active. 

I figured out the approximate amount of time my children are sedentary and it is either a little under three hours or slightly above….

Well not any more.  My kids and I are (Thank you Jesus) in good health both physically and mentally so there is nothing that is preventing us from kicking the couch potato habit.  This morning the five year old and I made a deal… This month, we are going to turn off  movies and video games.  We will watch something once a day but it will be in the evening when we are winding down and I need to make dinner without little hands trying to help.  It will be a challenge but I know we can do it….. Are you up for the challenge?!

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2 responses to “Ah! We are couch potatoes!

  • RainSplats

    So…if the kids are out of school by 3pm and in bed by 9pm, we're talking about 6 hours of the day. Weird that the study defined 3 or more hours of sitting as sedentary and 1 hour of exercise (outside gym class) as active.Can kids fit into both categories then?This is what we do at my house:-computer: parental controls turn off the kids' accounts every other hour. So, they can only play on the computer for an hour at a time max.-movies + TV: "dancing time" – any time there's music, we encourage the kids to get up and dance. It's almost like clapping – we teach the kids that it shows mom and dad that you like the show and want to watch more.-commercials are for running around/chasing each other/tickle games.,,,-we also encourage the kids to do imagination play based on their favorite shows. 'you be spiderman and I'll be dora and we'll go on an adventure at grandma's house'at first it followed the shows' storylines but now they're super creative with it. They end up making up games that kids at school beg to play.Some of those wii games count as active time in my book…just not social time :p We turn off the TV/computer/Wii if the kids start fighting. I wonder which category I'd be in …hehe

  • Morgan

    it actually excluded school time… good suggestions!

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