Dog Puke and Yummy Brownies

This has been an extremely busy month. It has made blogging really difficult. I typically blog at the end of the day after everyone is asleep but in the last couple of weeks I find that I AM the one that is passed out on the couch….snoring….sometimes drooling….nice picture huh….

Although I have been busy I have come to several realizations –

1. Women that shop at Goodwill on  50% off days are crazy and should be avoided at all costs.  Especially if you are holding a jar that they have been eyeballing for the past five minutes and suddenly they are eyeballing YOU and sizing you up for a possible take down to get that stupid jar.  My children were scared.  We were racing down aisles with mason jars trying to find the nearest exit. 

2. Never start a diet during a month with a birthday party.  I did. Four days before the party..

3.  When babysitting a friends dog LISTEN to their warnings about their pouches odd behavior.  Four days and two pukes (on my couch) later….

4. Never underestimate the power of the brownie…See number 3.  Do you see the word diet?  Stupid amazingly delicious brownie…

5. I am extremely out of shape-  Go bounce in a bounce house with a five year old for forty five minutes and then tell me how your thighs feel.  Burn baby Burn

6. I am obsessed with canceled TV series.  My new favorite – Ally McBeal

Now that I have that off my chest here is the latest recipe – courtesy of Look what Mom Found & Dad too

Click that link and go make the BEST brownies EVER!!!   I usually make boxed because every time I try to make them from scratch they always tastes like rubber.


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