Their alive… alive….ALIVE!!!

My backyard is growing.  Pictures courtesy of cheapo crapo camera

Tomato Plant  
(growing very well – However if those stinkin’ bees don’t pollinate him I will be angry)


Pomegranate flowers- Actually the beginning of them

Peach tree 
(If you squint and turn your head slightly to the left you can see the new leaves growing out of the stick.)

One of my three pomegranate trees!  
The five year old is there to provide a bit of prespective so that you can see its height
That tree was a tiny stick thing last year!

I love growing things!  I am really good at growing weeds. You should see the rest off the backyard….   Sigh… all we need is some grass in the middle of our yard!  (Hint Hint – any landscapers that are reading my blog and would like to donate some sod and a sprinkler system.  Help a sista out)

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