Spring Tea with a Southern Twist

Take a deep breath… AH

I did it. I made it through the Spring Tea for my MOPS group.  I mentioned in a previous post that I was in charge of coming up with a theme for Tea and finding the decorations for that theme.

My idea was Southern Style.  Mason jars, glass carafes, ice tea, southern food, wild flowers, candles… do you see where I am going here?

After weeks of searching thrift stores, online websites and countless trips to Michaels and Joanns my room came together and it was beautiful.  I took some pictures of the centerpieces on two different tables but I will have to grab some pictures from my friends.

Picture Below:
Each table had a glass pitcher or carafe of ice tea, either a metal pale OR a large mason jar, wild flowers, moss.  Every place setting had a mason jar for the tea…  Oh yeah, Do you see the candle?  The itty bitty candle holder? I had to shave tea candles to get them in there. 

Different table

The refreshment table.  I really wish I took the time to take a better picture.  At our meetings we typically have two table set up for food however this meeting we had to have four.  Three were dedicated solely to food and this table had drinks.  We had Arnold Palmers,  Pink lemonade, coffee, Hot Tea and fresh slices of orange, lemon and mint leaves.  It was crazy!  

The leaves in the front were from a friends orange tree. She cut off branches for me so that I could add a little green to our tables!

I loved the results and I am happy it is all over now. I am tired. 

Now – if you are a mother of a preschooler and don’t know what MOPS is, I would really like to encourage you to take a look.   click  MOPS   Enter in your zip code and find a group near you.  This is an awesome ministry and it is aimed at supporting YOU.  If you would like more info go to the website or email me!

I am going to go nap now…

P.S.  Almost everything I used had to be bought or borrowed.  In my thrifty endeavors I barely spent over 80 dollars!


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