Stevey and Petey – My Garden pals

I like Gnomes. A lot.  I think they are funny and I have always wanted some of my very own….

My husband and I will soon be hitting our six year anniversary and it was only this year that I allowed him to see some of my weirdness.  The Gnomes are just another step for him to get a really good idea of my odd sense of humor and personality.
We were casually browsing our local Target, which we do often for fun, when I suddenly saw Gnomes and became extremely excited.  I was so excited I ditched my boys with my husband and headed to the Garden department with a hop, skip, and a jump.  It was while I was browsing the selection of, what are they – woodland creatures?, when my husband and children cautiously approached me.  I half expected them to tazer me and demand where the pod people had put their retro loving wife/mother.   As I slowly looked up and saw three separate faces of bewilderment it dawned on me that I had kept my odd love of Gnomes a secret.  I laughed uncomfortably and explained this aspect of weirdness..  I think Gnomes rock.  

Gnomes do not rock in a serious I am going to display them as art manner….it is more of a funny, look I have a Gnome in my backyard!  After I explained my fetish(nothing gross) with Gnomes my husband, kids, and even friends became actively involved in finding me fun Gnomes for my backyard and garden.

I now have two!  Would you like to meet Stevey and Petey, my keepers of the Garden.

Stevey is the tall one and Petey is the little guy that spent too much time hanging out with Paris Hilton and the mystic tanning booth.   No judgment from me Petey, we all have our days of poor judgment but unfortunately yours is permanent.  (Petey is actually a gift from a friend- He was a paint your own Gnome and I didn’t have any flesh color paint)
Stevey and Petey move all around the garden and the backyard keeping an eye on things for me… Oh wait… What’s that…

It’s Stevey!! There he is hard at work watching out for that lettuce.  Thanks Stevey!

Alright, in all actuality, I know Stevey and Petey aren’t real but it is so much fun moving them around. My kids get a kick out of finding them every day and I love making my husband roll his eyes at my weird antics, I make life a little more entertaining.
Another example of our entertaining life happened last night, I informed him that I named one of our trees last summer.  You should have seen his reaction to that!


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