Garden Growth – Doing my part – HA!

A little update of the backyard and my goal of producing food. Things seem to be moving along..slowly. I think I need to use more compost.

I recently planted Mammoth Sunflowers in the garden box.  The reasoning is two fold. One, they will provide great shade during the summer for the pumpkin plant and they are really pretty.  Here is the new growth.

 Ah, the Bell Pepper plant.  His life is about to end.  I planted him too close to the Baby Broccoli bush and it really stunted his growth.  I only got this small red pepper and a green pepper that looks like a jalapeno.  Death is quickly approaching this guy. 

Fresh Parsely.  Yum.  Once more has grown I plan on drying this out in addition to using it fresh.  I have a new fondness for fresh herbs.
 Romaine Lettuce.  Did great from the start.  The Basil that is supposed to be growing in that corner never made it.  I don’t think it got enough water.

Have you ever seen the blossoms on a Pomegranate tree…. If not, here you go.  They are a vibrant red.  All my trees have them this year!

Remember my tires?!  Here are two being put to good use.  I planted this great flowering plant a couple of weeks ago and it is loving life!


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