Do you have a secret weapon

Do you have a secret weapon?  I’m not talking about a gun, knife, or light saber.  Just something that no one really knows about you but when you use it people take notice.  It can be either good or bad….

I have a secret weapon.  I call it my B-word card.  I have it hidden in my back pocket and in rare occasions of extreme frustration and anger I whip out the card and trump everyone else.  Okay, it isn’t really a card but an attitude.  It is hard, unrelenting, stubborn, and occasionally mean.  It is never cruel or vulgar. I absolutely refuse to fight dirty.  I used to really enjoy having this secret weapon however now I see it more as something I need to work on…

I am writing this because I in the last couple days I used my B-word card.  There are three things that make me want to use it and they are the following; car salesman, HOA, and medical offices… These people cause me to dig my heels in hard and not move.   They literally have no idea what they are up against because I don’t look like a person to have an attitude.  This is the attitude that has banned me from the Ford dealership in Las Vegas (it also got my friend a lower car payment) and had the community manager for my HOA go running for the hills.  Now I am waging war against the medical profession for a bill that is unbelievable. 

It is this war that has caused me to take a step back and really re-evaluate my attitude.  This is NOT a Christ like attitude.  Where was my grace?  Where was my patience?  Where was my forgiveness?  There wasn’t any.  I was ready to kick these people into next week… and I kinda did.  I stood my ground and called out all of their bluffs but I know there was a better way to handle the situation.  Should I have exercised patience -yup.  Could I have shown grace and kindness when stuck in a hard spot – undoubtedly.  

Now that I have realized my bad behavior I can change it…… And maybe if I had taken the opportunity to take a step back in the situation to breath they wouldn’t be sending me death threats and warning all the doctors within the Phoenix-Metro area….


2 responses to “Do you have a secret weapon

  • Happy Gramma

    We all have those tiems when we are pushed to the limit. It is never easy to bite your tongue, swallow all those words you want to say and smile sweetly. That is when you ask God for a big dose of patience and grace!I found you on Friday Follow and am now following you.Please come visit

  • Mary K Brennan

    While I do believe that we all need a little more grace; I also feel that there are times when the B card is necessary.For the past 7 months I have fought with my alarm company. It started with grace and understanding. But truely, after awhile we all need to throw down our B Card.

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