I’m a machine – A machine I tell you!

On my, What I want to get accomplished before I am thirty list, I listed my desire to become significantly better with crocheting.  I actually did it!  I have been working on it for almost a year and I have finally surpassed my mother (which wasn’t hard) and I have made things that people have actually bought!  Now, I will say, I am not the best.  I have seen some awesome things created by others but I will get there eventually….Would you like to see some of my creations?  No, well tough, this is my blog…

Alright – These are just a few… Yes, many of my creations are simplistic but I am gradually moving up.  The eared hat above is one of my all time favorites.  Too bad I don’t have a little girl to wear it but I do have a brand new “niece” that will probably get many of my pieces. 

Now on to the failures.  I found this great pattern for a hat that should fit a 7-8 year old.  I looked at my kiddos and thought, “well, they have big heads. It may be a little big but it will give me a good idea.”  Um, yeah, no.  I used a yarn that was way too stretchy and the result was rather odd.

It is really floppy.  The sides do not come down far enough and my boys thought the strap in the front was to help keep the hat on.  They pulled it under they chin like a solider.  It was bad.  I was really disappointed and a little embarrassed especially when both boys demanded to wear it in public.

The second failure isn’t with a final product by my lack of understanding in Ebay.  I sold 4 washcloths!  For a .99c!  Blah!  I didn’t realize I didn’t put a minimum starting bid so the person made off with 4 washcloths for under 3 dollars (.99c and shipping cost).  I was so pumped to see that “Congratulations, Your item sold!” email and then realized the winning bid.  Ugh… Never again.


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