Motherhood list…Have anything good to add?

Recently, I was pondering (yes, pondering.. I am deep) Mother’s day and the person I have become as a mother.  I have been a mom for 5 years and I think I have hit some self discovery.  So here is a list of me… pretty self centered…Oh well..

These are NOT in order of importance

1. Projectile vomit (from my OWN children) does not gross me out.  In fact I had to catch it in my hands once…
2. I actually really enjoy nice clean sheets.
3. The words potty, pee, and poop have become regular staples of my vocabulary and conversation.
4. I am looking forward to when my kiddos are old enough to take paintballing and I can masacre them on the field…no, I have no aggression….um…ya…
5. I secretly want a girl at times.  Yup, I said it.
6. I have a secret stash of munchies that I share with NO ONE. My husband doesn’t even know where it is…and I am not telling you guys either.
7. I really enjoy telling my kiddos tall tales – For example – My 5 year old believes that all moms have superpowers that help them not get sick.  And for those rare occasions I do get sick that means that I ran into my own Kryptonite somewhere…
8. After a really long day I really enjoy a glass of wine.
9. I do not enjoy Children’s television programming.  Granted we don’t have television but my belief that just because I have children I do not have to suffer with idiotic programming. I HATE THOMAS THE TRAIN.  I’m sorry and please don’t hate me because of it…
10.  I do not enjoy playing with kids toys.  I will do it at times but it is not something that I have looked forward to my entire life.
11. I take advice from other moms a lot.  Especially if I see their methods working on their kids.
12. I am really starting to hate the word “No.”
13. Do you know how some men compare scars and try to one up each other.  I believe moms do that with stains, rips, items being destroyed.  My couch is a battlefield that is filled with stories…As is my carpet. For example, the sharpie drawing that the five year old did while I was preoccupied in the kitchen is conveniently hidden behind two large cushions. “What?…You had what done to your couch?”…”Oh yeah well do you see that brown mark with water stains around it…That is from my two year old drinking syrup from the bottle and wiping it on the arm of the couch. The stains around it are from my attempt to find any cleaning product to get out the stain..” Do you see where I am going here?
14. Disciplining Sucks.  It has to be done but let’s face it, suckfest.
15. I once heard an interview (third-hand mind you) with Billy Graham’s son.  The reporter asked him if his Dad was the major inspiration and was the one that taught him about the love of Christ.  He said “No, it was his mom.”  I want to be that mom.

Have any self-discoveries or insight? I would love to hear them…connect.

Happy Mothers Day from the trenches of motherhood!


4 responses to “Motherhood list…Have anything good to add?

  • carol

    In a pinch I wipe boogers and snot off a two year olds nose and then wipe it on my jeans! I didn't even realize I did it until my brother started telling me how gross I was while I was doing it. Sad, that I don't even notice.

  • Erin Wallace

    Nice list! My husband and I both have stashes, though they obviously aren't secret. I also like the Billy Graham story – yes, that's the type of mom I want to be. Happy SITS Sunday.

  • Ash

    i like no. 12 and no. 14 – definitely sucks BIG time!happy belated mother's day to you!

  • Prairie Mother

    #9, I'm with ya! We don't have tv either but when ever we go visit grandparents my kids are glued to SpongeBob…who on earth ever thought THAT was a good idea should have had their head examined!! #2, #8, and getting to listen to talk radio in the car….those would be nice 🙂 Nice list!

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